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In addition to the items listed below we have many used and demo products listed on Audiogon, please click on this link to see our current listings. 

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KEF Blade 2

Mint demo speakers  in excellent condition with original packaging and accessories.

For a lifetime of listening pleasure

Where space is at a premium BLADE TWO offers all of the acoustic prowess and iconic design of BLADE on a slightly smaller scale.

BLADE TWO. Same DNA. Same striking aesthetic. Same advanced driver technology and unique single apparent source configuration. And above all, the same open, phenomenally realistic sound.

Click here for detailed specs

MSRP $25,000

Bricasti M12 DAC/PREAMP

Mint demo, original packaging and accessories very low usage.  

The new M12 is a modern front end to any system. All digital inputs types are supported as well as balanced and unbalanced analog inputs, all with precise analog gain control, seamlessly integrated into one product, your source controller.

The M12 builds upon the proven design of the M1 SE D/A converter so your digital sources are handled and converted in the best way. To that we add to it a pure dual mono analog signal path with high resolution analog gain and level control, controlling the output stage of the D/A converter in the analog domain with no loss of resolution and pass thru analog inputs for your analog sources. Like the M1, the M12 is a dual mono design with 3 power supplies and separate left and right analog power supplies and digital and analog processing.

Click here for detailed specs

MSRP $16,000

Bricasti M25 stereo amplifier

Mint demo, original packaging and accessories very low usage.  

The M25 stereo amplifier finds a special place in the Bricasti family of amplifiers through its implementation of a dual mono transformer design, essentially creating a hybrid of the traditional single transformer M15 stereo amplifier and its larger M28 mono-block brethren. The M25 is rated at 150 W / 300 W / 600 W per channel into 8ohms, 4ohms and 2ohm loads respectively.

Click here for detailed specs.

MSRP $18,000

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