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New products from Esoteric

Esoteric is very proud to announce the introduction of 3 new components; the New K-01Xs SACD Player (replacing the outgoing K-01X), the New K-03Xs SACD Player (replacing the outgoing K-03X), and the New N-03T Network Audio Transport.

Let's start with the SACD player entries. At first glance to the exterior, the New K-01Xs and and K-03Xs both enjoy some subtle cosmetic changes around the drawer and an organic EL (electroluminescent) displays.

Internally, their DAC's have been upgraded to the top end AKM AK4497. This is the benchmark for DAC's. The K-01Xs uses a Dual Mono DAC arrangement and channel dedicated power supplies specifically designed for the K-01Xs. In the digital input stage, both units are equipped with a USB port enabling connection to a computer. The driver and playback software (Esoteric HR Audio Player) can be downloaded from the Esoteric website. The units support asynchronous transmission and a high sampling playback of DSD22.5MHz and PCM768kHz/32bit, and even enables high-quality playback of studio master quality sources. In addition to conventional asynchronous transmission methods, they support the new Bulk Pet method for an even wider range of tone selection.

K-01Xs - MSRP = $22,000

K-03Xs - MSRP = $13,000

And......they are introducing a new category - the Network Audio Transport. Not to be confused with the Network Audio Player category where the N-05 and N-01 reside; the New N-03T does not possess it's own DAC's.

What does this mean? It means the unit can be partnered with any worthy DAC that possesses a USB input. This could be an Esoteric DAC of course, of which we build several. It could be one our SACD players, meaning an existing Esoteric customer who loves their player and the DAC's inside of it, could partner the New N-03T to it via the USB input on the back of the player! Or if a customer possesses a DAC they love from another vendor other than Esoteric, as long as the USB connectivity is there, they can tie the New N-03T to it. This versatility opens up all kinds of possibiltiies. The New N-03T possesses streaming service applications from Tidal and Spotify for U.S. consumption and is Roon Ready too!

N-03T - MSRP = $11,000

Each of these new models come into stock this month. Orders can be placed now.


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